December 16, 2012

We need you on 17th Dec @Toulouse

* (NOUS et VOUS)

Looking for motivated people interested in working for the organization of first such huge Indian festival in Toulouse. For info: we have Indian embassy's support from Paris. So we need you to make it a successful one.. come collaborate, know more, exchange ideas and construct together with us! Hope to meet you on Monday, 17th in our Office...


  1. Great ! If you want us to join you at the meeting, you should tell us where is the office (i.e. the meeting place).

  2. 13 rue de la bourse ! Your good name? as we're making a list of invitees & your email so that we can send more details. Tnx

  3. Sorry for forgetting my email :
    I may help the organization, but I won't be able to make it before March. Anyway, please send me the informations.
    All the best.